Diploma in Interior Design

MQA/FA 4738

  Programme Info


January, May and September


2 Years 4 Months( Full Time)

Programme Overview

The new Diploma in Interior Design is industry focused and relevant to the workplace as students will have acquired the skills in designing businesses, creativity, and technical skills needed by the industry.

 The curriculum is aimed at developing the creative and technical skills through project based learning. This program promotes knowledge and skills through project work and advance the students’ thinking through the development of a personal research capability. At the end of the program, students will be able to describe and explain the concepts and principles of interior design, demonstrate competence in the practical skills of interior design, communicate effectively, and work effectively as designers in industry. Students will have gained a strong ground in design principles and processes with an ability to take on Interior Design project in a competent and professional manner.

Programme Modules*

Core Modules

- Academic Reading
- Academic Writing
- Computer Graphic Skills
- Creativity and Concept Development
- English for Communication
- Foundation Sketching and Drawing for Designers
- Free-hand Drawing
- History of 20th Century Design and Culture
- Interior Colour Application
- Interior Design Principles and Theory
- U1: Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1 / Pengajian Malaysia 2
- U2: Teamwork and Leadership
- 2D Computer Aided Drawing
- 3D Computer Aided Drawing
- Architectural Drafting
- Building Technology and Construction
- Design Studio (Commercial)
- Design Studio (Residential)
- Environmental Lighting
- Interior Materials and Finishes
- Presentation Drawing 1
- Presentation Drawing 2
- U3: Malaysian Economy
- U4: Co-Curricular
- Internship


Compulsory Modules (MPU)

- Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1 (Malay Language Communication 1)
- Kerja Berpasukan dan Kepimpinan (Teamwork and Leadership)
- Ekonomi Malaysia (Malaysian Economy)
- Ko-Kurikulum (Co-Curricular)
- Pengajian Malaysia 2 (Malaysian Studies 2)
- Kerja Berpasukan dan Kepimpinan
- Ekonomi Malaysia
- Ko-Kurikulum

*Subject to change due to curriculum update.

Career Opportunities

Interior Designer

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