Foundation in Liberal Arts

MQA/FA 1723

  Programme Info


January, May and September


1 Year ( Full Time)

Programme Overview

Students are exposed to a range of topics in the humanities so they can appreciate the depth and subtlety of human nature and experience. Students completing the Raffles University Iskandar Foundation are well placed to enter the degree programmes in their respective disciplines. Emphasis is placed on communication and study skills because these are essential for professional practice after students graduate from their degree programmes, as well as assisting them to successfully complete their studies.

Programme Modules

- Creative Problem Solving
- Information Technology
- History of Art and Culture
- Introduction to Critical Thinking
- Introduction to Entrepreneurship
- Introduction to Professional Ethics
- Learning Studies
- Professional Communication
- Practical Mathematics
- Design Fundamentals
- Introduction to Business Studies
- Exploring the Liberal Arts
- Fundamentals of Fashion
- Introduction to Drawing & Sketching
- Introduction to General Psychology
- Introduction to Multimedia and Web Design
- Introduction to Photography

*Subject to change due to curriculum update.

Study Opportunities

The Foundation programme prepares students for entry into their chosen bachelor degree.

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