Bachelor of Fashion Design (Honours)

MQA/FA 2200

  Programme Info


January, May and September


3 Years ( Full Time)

Programme Overview

In the studio, a competent fashion designer is expected to be able to create anything from casual wear to haute couture. The fashion designer needs to know how to sketch out ideas, draw them digitally, create patterns, construct outfits, and also understand the properties of fabrics and materials.

The Bachelor of Fashion Design introduces budding fashion designers to the fundamentals and more. Students will learn how to utilize textile technology, familiarise themselves with a fashion designer’s studio and develop their fashion senses with design theories.

Students will graduate with a strong foundation in technical proficiency and a good eye for market trends. They will also have the ability to create their own fashion collections based on their own inspirations.

Programme Modules*

- Advanced Drafting & Draping Techniques
- Advanced Sewing Techniques
- CAD 1 for Fashion Design
- CAD 2 & Portfolio for Fashion Design
- Contemporary Fashion, Styles & Trends
- Design Research & Development
- Fashion Communication
- Fashion Draping 1
- Fashion Draping 2
- Fashion Drawing and Colour Theory
- Fashion Sketching
- Garment and Composition
- History of Costume
- Internship
- Law for the Creative Industries
- Major Studio Project 1
- Major Studio Project 2
- Men’s Wear Workshop
- Mini Collection Workshop
- Pattern Aided Design, Grading & Costing
- Project Management
- Project Workshop
- Sewing Applications 1
- Sewing Applications 2
- Social Psychology of Fashion
- Sustainable Design
- Textiles
- Women’s Wear Drafting 1
- Women’s Wear Drafting 2


Compulsory Modules (MPU)

- Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2 (Malay Language Communication 2)
- Pengajian Malaysia (Malaysian Studies)
- Pemikiran Kreatif (Creative Thinking)
- Inovasi Malaysia (Malaysian Innovation)
- Khidmat Masyarakat (Community Service)
- Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia
- Hubungan Etnik
- Bahasa Kebangsaan A atau Pemikiran Kreatif
- Inovasi Malaysia
- Khidmat Masyarakat

*Subject to change due to curriculum update.

Career Opportunities

Fashion Designer, Product Developer, Production Manager, Pattern Maker, Fashion Illustrator, Design Room Coordinator, Pattern Maker's Assistant, Dispatch Room Coordinator, Cutter, Textile Designer, Fabric Development and Consultation, Accessories Planner.

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