Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours)

MQA/PA 2202

  Programme Info


January, May and September


3 1/2 Years ( Full Time)

Programme Overview

Interior designers are able to use their skills to design space and effects range from making a client’s home comfortable to transporting people into another space and era with periodic décor. Professional interior designers are able to draw floor plans, render their ideas in 3D, and make on-the-spot sketches to present their ideas.

Students pursuing their Bachelor of Interior Design will be familiarised with the working life of field professionals through simulated projects and assignments. Lessons will build basics in drawing and design theories. So students will be able to create digital artwork of blueprints, floor plans, and other necessary computer generated imagery.

Graduates will be able to visualise the potential of décor in various spaces, and also know how best to enhance aesthetic and functional elements in the room by playing with lighting, furniture, and other materials.

Programme Modules*

- Architectural Drawing & Digital Interiors
- Building Services
- Colour Theory
- Computing Modelling and Technology
- Computing for Design
- Constructing Prototypes
- Construction Legislation
- Design Principles
- Design Studio Commercial
- Design Studio Exhibition
- Design Studio Residential
- Design Studio Retail
- Design Theory
- Drawing for Designers
- Furniture Design
- History of Design: Past & Present
- Human Factors
- Law for the Creative Industries
- Major Studio Project I
- Major Studio Project II
- Major Studio Project III
- Material and Technology
- Practical Training/Internship
- Professional Practice
- Project Management
- Public Space Design
- Sustainable Design
(Choose TWO from the following)

- Design Communication
- Design Leadership
- Design & Marketing
- Modular Design
- Morality and Design


Compulsory Modules (MPU)

- Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2 (Malay Language Communication 2)
- Pengajian Malaysia (Malaysian Studies)
- Pemikiran Kreatif (Creative Thinking)
- Inovasi Malaysia (Malaysian Innovation)
- Khidmat Masyarakat (Community Service)
- Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia
- Hubungan Etnik
- Bahasa Kebangsaan A atau Pemikiran Kreatif
- Inovasi Malaysia
- Khidmat Masyarakat

*Subject to change due to curriculum update.

Career Opportunities

Residential Interior Designer, Office Interior Designer, Commercial Interior Designer, Exhibition Designer, Retail Interior Designer, Property Management and Maintenance, Architectural Interior Designer, Theatre and Dramatic Arts Designer, Hospitality Interior Designer, Public Space Designer.

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